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Curriculum Vitae


  • Human Factors engineering, user research, safety analysis, hazard analysis
  • Innovative design, user-centered design, design for people with disabilities, wheelchair safety
  • Conceptual medical device design and medical device usability
  • Review, education and training in the area of product design, safety and usability
  • Industry standard development, safety training development, grant writing
  • Compliance with ADA, DOT and FDA regulations, ISO and RESNA standards

LINC Design's consulting services span across the full product development process:

User research - LINC Design manages and conduct focus groups, human factors reviews, heuristic analyses, contexual inquiries, usability studies and validation techniques 

Conceptual design - LINC Design manages and conducts brainstorm sessions to generate innovate and patentable solutions to various design problems. 

Detailed engineering - LINC Design has experience developing concept solutions in to detailed products using CAD modeling and simulation techniques such as Finite Element Analysis. LINC Design can investigate product failure and implement design improvements.

Product evaluation and validation - LINC Design helps evaluate various types of user interfaces, products and systems from a user and safety perspective by developing study protocols, conducting suitable analyses, analyzing study data and giving direction for design improvement to ensure usability and reduction in use error.

     User Centered Design Process

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