Steps 4 Safety

LINC Design was a "fly on the wall" on board ambulettes, paratransit and medical transportation vehicles. LINC Design observed transit operators while they interacted with special needs passengers and used safety systems such as lifts, ramps, tiedowns and seat belts. LINC Design analyzed training protocols as well as incident claim files and identified high-risk situations pertaining to transporting individuals with disabilities in order to help insurance companies control losses.

This in-vehicle risk assessment brought to light critical problem areas. And transportation incidents involved mostly passengers with mobility difficulties (using walkers or wheelchairs) that are either boarding, exiting, or riding on board accessible transit vehicles.

LINC Design developed training solutions for transit operators and operator trainers to remind drivers of safe and best practices. The steps for safety were all based on high-risk interactions with passengers. As a result of the study training posters, van-banners and follow-up evaluation forms were made which are currently available for purchase through LINC Design.

This project was funded by insurance underwriters 5-Star Specialty Services and Amtrust.

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