Problem solving in Ghana

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LINC Design broke new ground in May of 2010 when joining Dr. Mary Jo Geyer to Accra, Ghana. LINC Design supported the team by deploying a suitable problem solving technique to get structured feedback from all conference attendees. The so-called “Consensus Building and Participatory Problem Solving (CB-2PS)” was developed. With this method LINC moderated conference attendees in the assessment of basic problems in Ghana, generate local needs and suggest viable solutions in the form of training and education, footwear technology to reduce lower limb disability in Ghana.Dr. Geyer develop and moderate the first International Cross-Diseases Conference on Lower-Limb Care in the Developing World.

The team that attended the conference was composed of leading experts in diseases of the lower extremities, local governmental officials and local health worker organizations. The conference was sponsored by the Rotary Foundation.

This “Legs to Stand On” conference was geared towards the development of technical tools and the implementation of projects to prevent disability in developing countries. The conference focused on achieving a consensus among international and national experts on the technical tools needed to guide the implementation of programs for foot and lower-limb care in developing countries.

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