Hadley Harness 12.05.2013

Liaison: George Davis Jr. (inventor)

Status: SBIR submission to NIH - Under development (patent pending)

LINC Design LLC in collaboration with Advanced Composite Products and experts on race-car and child safety, propose the development of a child restraint solution (CRS) for use in private motor vehicles. A solution that promotes safety and reduces risk of head and neck injury during motor vehicle impacts when compared to existing CRSs.

Commercial CRSs are designed to restrict body movement during motor vehicle impacts. However, research has shown that by restraining only the child’s body, injuries in the child’s head and neck region become more prevalent. With tight-fitting chest harnesses, loads and moments are shifted upwards and toward the unrestrained head and neck resulting in hyper flexion or extension causing (fatal) cranio-cervical spine injuries. 

The LINC Design team proposes a solution to reduce head and neck loading for forward facing pediatric occupants between the ages of 3 and 10. The solution builds upon proven head and neck safety technology (e.g. the HANS device) and improves the safety of existing CRS solutions.

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